I am a mixed media jewelry designer and Metalsmith. I studied clothing design at the Fashion Institute in New York and received my BA degree of fine arts in jewelry and metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012.
I currently work out of a private studio in Boston and also Timeless Antiques/Alco Jewelers in Brockton Massachusetts. I work with a wide variety of media and many projects consisting of fine jewelry, costume jewelry, antique restoration and small sculpture.

Paracosm Jewelry is all me, from beginning to end. I design, hand fabricate, and sell all of my work. Every finished piece that leaves my bench is carefully thought out and meticulously hand crafted; a piece of small sculpture, created with a story and filled with heart and imagination.
Inspired by stories, nature, objects with sentiment and my childhood home, my Boston studio overflows with scraps of natural found objects that are at the very heart of my collections. My small pieces of sculpture evoke a uniqueness that interplay natural objects with carefully crafted castings and precious metals that become pieces of jewelry to adorn the body.